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We're not a boring company;
@BohrischCo  is  #justBohrisch


The Bohrisch Company is democratizing portable / mobile S3XY TeslaEV charging for the masses

Please help democratize S3XY Tesla (and other EV) charging! Through this raise, you are making two HUGE impacts:

1) You are bringing a much-needed service to the greater Phoenix area and hopefully the rest of the world; successful locale after successful locale. Your contribution will directly impact both the environment and EV owners' everyday lives in an extremely positive and efficient manner.
2) You are helping to stand up a military Service Disabled Veteran Owned (and operated) Small Business #SDVOSB whose mission it is to pay everyone back eventually as a true sign of appreciation. Starting with a limited edition collectible NFT TBD (we already have a need for $428,126, and growing)!

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Rising Tide of a Problem:

Regulations and requirements are continuously increasing for electric vehicles to integrate into our lives. However, we want to utilize our vehicles freely when we leave our homes. Unfortunately, the current EV charging network seems insufficient to efficiently support all electric vehicles and their passengers. The extreme lack of mobile/portable charging solutions is causing a lot of "range anxiety" on what are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable trips.

Implementing new technologies

Thanks to several months of r&d, we are ready to provide a path for fellow humans to re-charge their S3XY Teslas (and other EV's) via a portable power solution, even in emergencies. Yes, it is possible to charge electric vehicles more efficiently when they are out of energy away from the charging network by utilizing, in this context, alternative energy sources.

Who's fixing this?

Service disAbled military Veteran (earned/received Army Commendation Medal for work in Iraq) who grew up enhancing vehicles, including those on the fire departments volunteered on. Naturally, now leading advancements in some of today's most high-tech vehicles for our fellow humans. First proof of love to the world was the Transportation & Technology company, Vet Cloud Consulting LLC aka @VetCloudJobs, which saw fantastic growth under Jason Baker. Not only is its mission grounded in technology and transportation, but it is comprised of approximately 66% fellow military Veterans which proudly move Amazon loads across the country ... this IS the next part of the puzzle.

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The Bohrisch Company LLC aka The Bohrisch Company aka BohrischCo is the leading #SDVOSB, Service Disabled Veteran Owned(and operated) Small Business, focused on keeping YOUR Electric Vehicle (especially those S3XY TeslaEV's) charged up and moving your family forward safely!

Remember: We're not a boring company; @BohrischCo  i s  #justBohrisch !
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